Zepf MARK II Change Parts System

Pneumatic Scale Angelus is dedicated to offering complete engineering, manufacturing, and support services, using cutting edge technology for container handling systems. Together with Zepf, we offer the MARK II Change Parts System.

The process of specially-developed computer software for the design manufacture of container handling components results in a system which sets the standards for ease and consistent speed of line changeovers.

The MARK II system is typically composed of a set of durable permanent stainless steel starwheel mounting cores, guide plates, and/or turret cores. Added to these are the lightweight UHMW change parts that have been designed precisely to conform to container geometry. Feedscrews are designed for all container shapes.

The combination of permanent cores and removable plastic components assure that no MARK II component involved in a changeover weighs more than fifteen pounds. Additionally, changeover of the MARK II System is accomplished with no tools whatsoever, and the System has been constructed with no loose hardware.

Efficiency of changeover is further enhanced by our ability to provide fourteen color options for correlating a complete line of different machinery to a specific container. No-tool changeover is accomplished by using our quick-change, no-time starwheels and guides.

Pneumatic Scale Angelus is continually focused on providing the packaging industry with change part systems of superior quality and a level of services and innovations that consistently meets or exceeds your expectations. Rely on Pneumatic Scale Angelus to provide the total solution for your container handling requirements.

  • Light-weight components weighing 15 lbs. (7 kg) or less
  • No tools
  • No loose hardware
  • Fourteen color options
  • Feedscrews designed for all container shapes
  • Immediate production start-up
  • Superior quality and delivery
  • Commitment to legendary customer service
  • Innovative solutions
  • Great for upgrading existing machinery
  • Available for all new machines