OnTrack Rotary Bottle Orienter

Fast, versatile, easy to operate and maintain, Ontrack orienters are custom-configured in various frame sizes and head configurations and can handle glass or plastic containers of almost any size or shape.  Standard features include automatic speed controls, fingertip settings, digital speed read-out, and power height adjustment.


  • Testing speeds up to 600 containers per minute
  • Exclusive ‘QC’ Quick Change bottle handling parts


  • Choose from various frame sizes, and head configurations
  • Glass or plastic containers of almost any size or shape
  • 90°, 180°, 270° bottle orientation capabilities
  • Appropriate sensing system to suit container
  • Programmable PLC controls
  • Variable frequency drive

    Easy to Operate

  • Automatic speed controls with fingertip settings
  • Digital speed read-out in containers per minute
  • Power height adjustment

    Easy to Maintain

  • Stainless steel and aluminum construction
  • High quality, with years of proven reliability
  • Low operating cost

    Additional Features

  • Automatic stop in the event of a container jam, with indicator lights to alert operator of the source of trouble
  • Braking system stops machine instantly in the event of an emergency stop
  • Complete guarding
  • Fingertip adjustment of two-speed drive which shifts automatically to high or low speed according to sensed bottle accumulation before and after orienter
  • Power height adjustment


  • Dual feed screw system
  • Synchronous drive arrangement
  • Multiple configurations available to suit specific applications requirements