Zepf Feedscrews

Zepf feedscrews establish and maintain spacing between containers and are the equipped solution for inline accumulation. Zepf’s proprietary software affords its feedscrew designers the flexibility required to produce a wide range of sophisticated feedscrew solutions. Committed to CNC technology, Zepf continues to maintain its leadership position in complex feedscrew designs. Combined with CNC machining, Zepf’s feedscrew designers have the tools required to produce quality product.

Our feedscrew designs are adaptive to turning, dwell, grouping, and combining applications.

Feedscrew Drive System

Zepf can provide a discrete feedscrew drive solution for your packaging application. These systems can be driven off an existing drive, or self-powered (i.e., DC, frequency, servo) to satisfy your specifications.

  • All stainless steel core construction
  • Intuitive mounting and locking system
  • Single-point securing system with easy load and unload
  • Color-coded, FDA, UHMW plastic for superior results
  • Special applications and materials can be accommodated
  • Changeover is performed in seconds